Word Count 04 (The Martyrdom of Professor Sanchez), 2018

Kasia Fudakowski, Word Count 04 (The Martyrdom of Professor Sanchez), 2018, HD video, 3” 34′

Word Count is a fragmentary film project consisting of ever-accumulating shorts, which investigate the following scenario from an ever-increasing number of perspectives.

In the near future, scientists confirm a direct correlation between the dramatically rising sea levels and the amount of words that we speak.

Delegates from every nation of the world gather together to find a quick solution and resolve that each citizen of the world shall be rationed to 433 words per day. This comes to be known as Cage Law after John Cage’s 4”33’.

This drip, drip disaster-in-slow-motion horrific farce, follows the lives of four main characters trying to keep their heads above water, where every word counts. Bridget, a stand up comedian, Jennifer, a lawyer specialising in Cage Law, her husband David, an out of work radio DJ and Professor Sanchez, a radical intellectual who rejects and rebels against the philosophy behind Cage Law.

The project’s concept is centered around the idea of working within limits and the production model for creating each ‘film sketch’ also follows this rule. A new sketch illuminating elements of these four character’s narratives will materialise wherever the opportunity arises to shoot, and will fit within the limits that that opportunity provides.

All films written and directed by Kasia Fudakowski



The Professor – Alessandro Brassanello

Jennifer – Lena Reinhold

Police Officer – Manuel Tschernik

Guard 1 – Matthias Schlesinger

Guard 2 – Vincent van Uffelen


Writer and Director – Kasia Fudakowski

Producer – Marietta Auras

Director of Photography – Joji Koyama

Camera Assistant – Jakob Gross

Sound – Paul Glodek

Production Assistant – Ayami Awazuhara

Clapper – Philipp Modersohn

Edit – Joji Koyama

Sound mix – Claudio Somigli

Shot on location at Kunstanstalt.berlin, Ehemalige Haftanstalt Köpenick, Berlin

With support from the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen