Trousseau dérangé 1, 2022

Agnes Scherer, Trousseau dérangé 1, 2022; Paper, painted with ink and light resistant felt tip markers; 213 × 135 × 190 cm

In a life-sized paper model of the artist’s antique bed, Agnes Scherer replicates the drawings found on the original object, signed in 1997 by the Hobbyist bed-painter Felix Weiss– whose illogical medley of motifs range from St. Nicholas to a detail of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Imagining her bed as a medieval character’s, Scherer offers a loose interpretation of the artwork’s already imprecise depiction of historical decoration systems. As such, Weiss’ bed and Scherer’s variation on it drift further and further away from the traditionally didactic function of pictorial narratives, into a liminal realm between metaphysical fantasy and reality.

Photos by Marjorie Brunet Plaza