Tima und Chrille, 1996

Annette Frick, Tima und Chrille, 1996; Hand printed by the artist on silver gelatin Baryta paper; Image: 40 × 30 cm; Frame: 54.6 × 44.6 × 3 cm; Edition of 3 plus I AP

Since the early 1980s, photographer and filmmaker Annette Frick has pursued portraiture beyond the popular mainstream. Known for her intimate and frank behind-the-scenes glimpses, Frick documented icons of the drag scene who have been influential in shaping contemporary transgender identity.

This photo was taken in 1996 before a performance at the venue Flax, which was written and directed by Tima die Göttliche (right) with Chrille Fritz (left). Tima die Göttliche is seen zipping up the back of Chrille Frick’s dress offstage. The two wear matching balloon-shaped dresses designed by Tima die Göttliche that resemble 19th century bloomers.

Tima die Göttliche (b. Marcus Timo Schrader, 1965) came to West Berlin in 1983, where he completed a traineeship in the costume department of the Theater des Westens. Together with Melitta Poppe, Chou-Chou de Briquette, Melitta Sundström, Ichgola Androgyn and Pepsi Boston, Tima die Göttlich founded the queer ensemble “Ladies Neid” (“Ladies’ Envy”), which, in addition to artistic performances, was also politically engaged in AIDS activism. Tima die Göttliche later went on to perform in many films by the German queer film and theater director Rosa von Praunheim. Chrille Fritz was also a drag performer and multi-talented artist who performed in multiple group ensembles.

This vintage print was handprinted by the artist on silver gelatin Baryta paper at the time the photo was originally shot.

Photo by Marjorie Brunet Plaza