They seek to take roots, 2022

Sofía Salazar Rosales, They seek to take roots, 2022; Asphalt, polyester resin, fiberglass, epoxy, silicone, wood glue; 64 × 87 × 49 cm

They seek to take roots is part of a larger group of sculptures in the shape of a stack of tires. Made of glistening black asphalt, the object’s material demonstrates how far it has traveled, to the extent that it has become part of the road itself. Slightly deflated, the work refuses to move, asking rather to stay – already it seems that it has been here for a while. The work also borrows from the local expression used to describe dark skin, “tener la piel negra como el chapapote,” meaning “to have skin black as asphalt.”

Photos by Andrea Rossetti