Out Like a Light (Álvaro & Petrit), 2023

Patrizio di Massimo, Out Like a Light (Álvaro & Petrit), 2023; Oil on linen, 144 × 204 cm

In Out Like a Light (Álvaro & Petrit), di Massimo portrays the artists Petrit Halilaj and Álvaro Urbano in a state of deep slumber, reclining on a sofa within their Berlin home. The two protagonists, who collaborate regularly but maintain individual practices, are surrounded by props from their studio. Holding each other tightly, they are blanketed by one of the raccoon costume part of their ongoing performance Wilshire & Cochran (2017).

Patrizio di Massimo’s most intimate paintings feature his friends, acquaintances, and family members. These characters are depicted as richly clothed main actors, exuding strong identities within the artwork’s composition. Through his portrayals, di Massimo explores the interpersonal complexities of life, delving into the analysis of societal roles such as gender and family. His scrutiny is discerning yet devoid of objectification or judgment, reflecting a vision of the world that embraces both its imperfections and beauty.