Mr. Peanut & Granada Gazelle Romance, 1974

L’Idylle de Mr. Peanut et Granada Gazelle
And then I remembered something.
It was something very familiar
Yet never expected……..
But somehow it didn’t matter.
In fact it was really quite natural.
I knew that it was just a dream
Yet I didn’t mind the fantasy.
In fact it was marvellous!
By this time I accept the unexpected.
I knew I wasn’t dreaming anymore.
Text: Michael Morris, 1979

In 1972-73, Morris and Trasov, as the remaining “directors” of Image Bank (Lee-Nova left in September 1972) became involved in two property purchases that would shift the Bank’s activities. In 1972 they bought into fifteen and a half acres of forested, only partly cleared, off-the-grid land on the mountain slopes above Roberts Creek, a few kilometres north of Vancouver and accessible only by a forty-minute ferry ride.
The property became known as Babyland and, for two summers in particular, 1972 and 1973, became the set for improvised and planned performances involving props and people that were filmed and photographed.


All photos by Michael Morris.