Luchona, 2021

The title of the seven-meter-tall clay sculpture bears homage to the figure of the ‘Luchona’, a term mostly used in a pejorative sense to describe a single mother who likes to party, dress fashionably and behave freely. The term is typically used in the case of young teenage mothers from the laboring class in Latin America. ‘Luchar’ in Spanish also means ‘to fight’, adding to the image of the luchona as someone who strives against societal obstacles to achieve her goals.

The sculpture is the first in a series that Chaile dedicates to these women of the past and the present, in honor of all who divide their lives between labor and raising a new generation, while still partaking in joy and the celebration of life. Built like a chimney, the sculpture depicts a female figure with multiple breasts and hands, who holds two hands on her chest in a gesture of affection and community.