La tercera ventana, 2023

Sol Calero, La tercera ventana, 2023; Acrylic paint on canvas; 170 × 150 × 4.5 cm

This series was originally presented at Las seis ventanas (The Six Windows) as part of a site-specific immersive installation at Stavanger Art Museum in 2023. Each of the paintings suggest a landscape on the far side, a colourful and vibrant terrain where nature has taken control. This painting is part of a diptych, creating one large painting.

Sol Calero took inspiration from ideas relating to panoramic painting. A popular genre in the 1800s, the panoramas consisted of paintings that were 360 degrees in the round and presented in purpose-built rooms. Surrounded by such a painting, viewers could experience the illusion of being inside a real landscape. The idea of the panorama was to bring the experience of a place or a historical event to people at a time when few could travel long distances. In a similar way, Las seis ventanas takes you to a different place – one that perhaps triggers associations, dreams or expectations

Photos by Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad