Identititisch, 2013

Kasia Fudakowski, Identititisch, 2013, Veneer, mutiplex, steel, linen, sand, 80 × 384 × 287 cm

This primative identity kit, made from sliding veneer panels, offers a purposefully limited scope in finding a culprit. Finding a face within the burs and knots of the wood pulls on our strong anthropomorphic desires, rather than the more random, and therefore less attractive reality. Emerging from a flawed judicial system based on a series of fallacies; wood is a local material and local materials are good – therefore wood is good, steel is not local, foreign materials are not honest – therefore steel is dishonest etc. this work purports to be an honest instrument to find the criminal face while in fact it is a stitch up, drawing only on a few limited, biased possibilities.