Gymnasium (Pictorial, Blue), 2020

Gymnasium (Pictorial, Blue) (2020) represents the attempt to portray the complexities and contradictions of the phenomenon of cultural assimilation, a process through which an individual or a group abandons its own culture and tries to take on the dominant one, forgetting its own heritage. Dedicated to this process, the sculpture, daughter of two cultures, is the portrait of a hybrid, a precise assimilation, between the biblical story of St. Agatha and the complex abstraction of Islamic art. The attempt is to create a symbol, an object with a great communicative capacity and visual power, so much so that it becomes magical or religious.

Gymnasium, a Latin term, refers to a place of exercise, a space preparatory to the study of more advanced theories, to exercise and preparation, to an act that contributes to the consolidation of a faculty. Gymnasium is an image-exercise, a still life that is asked for a responsibility, that of holding entirely a critical space, but at the same time practicing on it, continuously, again and again.