Garcia Garcia Fudakowski, 2017

“Today, being an artist is the norm; specialists are the exotic birds that artists once were. To work with a specialist has become an exquisite experience that can easily be turned into a piece of art.” Extract from What people do for Money, Manifesta 11 review in Art Agenda, Ingo Niermann, 2016

“Mexico has always exercised a tremendous hold on the imagination of outsiders. Over the centuries, visitors have marvelled at its tremendous economic possibilities and been lured by its ‘exotic’, expressive cultures.” Extract from the introduction to The Mexico Reader, Edited by Gilbert M. Joseph and Timothy J Henderson, 2002.

“Everything that is not a basket, is a bad basket.” Fudakowski, 2017

By acknowledging the sensitivity surrounding contemporary art’s appropriative tendencies against the back drop of Mexico’s history of colonialization and cultural appropriation, Fudakowski acknowledges her position in the middle of a contentious situation.

Made during a 3-day collaboration with the artisan/s named in the title. Each section of natural colored weaving material in both pieces was woven within one hour by the artisan, and each coloured section was woven within one hour by the artist.

The woven piece is accompanied by a single edition of 3-4 B/W photographic prints as documentation of the awkward collaboration between artist and artisan.