Empty Magenta Bed (For V.), 2024

Patrizio di Massimo, Empty Magenta Bed (For V.), 2024, Oil on linen in artist frame, 200 × 160 × 3.6 cm

Patrizio di Massimo’s most intimate paintings feature his friends, acquaintances, and family – characters who are richly clothed as main actors and presences with strong identities, through portrayals exploring the interpersonal complexities of life that are brought to dramatic composition.
Part of a series in which the artist show his subjects asleep, this painting distinctly lacks a person. Instead, di Massimo focuses on the sumptuous bed covers, depicting each silky counters in the bedding where somebody used to rest. Reminiscent of Di Massimo’s longstanding fascination with Baroque tones and portraiture, this piece accentuates the undertones of identity, gender and family that gives the mundane scene its uniqueness.