Bieca Decorazione, 2017

Franco Mazzucchelli, (BD), Pvc, air, wood structure, 107 × 107 × 15 cm

This work is part of Franco Mazzucchelli’s series called Bieca Decorazione, (pure banal decoration), inflatable PVC wall sculptures that the artist began making in the Seventies as a statement against what he saw as the oversimplification and commodification of art. Immaculately designed, the sleek Bieca Decorazione are ironic and self-reflective works that raise questions on the function and value of art.

The artist has been experimenting with synthetic materials since the early Sixties, works that ranged from art destined to be abandoned from his series A. to A., large-scale inflatable PVC sculptures that were left around urban and public spaces around Italy and Europe to his Bieca Decorazione series.