A. on A. (Museo Civico Ala Ponzone, Cremona, 2010), 2011

Stimulating continuous spatial research, including the observer, and making him physically participate through a mental process, have always been the cornerstones of Franco Mazzucchelli’s artistic poetics. This series of works, titled Art On Art consists of fragments of inflatable sculptures part of different public interventions by the artist, on which the public was invited to write and daub. The works temporally became part of the urban fabric, and the contact with passers-by activated their unexpected social roles: the public did not passively admire the artworks but was rather keen to touch them, scribble on them, move them around, and take them away. Now hung indoors, the graffitied PVC work becomes evidence of the people’s participation, their signatures and marks acting as traces of their temporary interactions, the indelible sign of people’s participation in his artistic events.

Photos ba Andrea Rossetti.