7th of April 2020 (Quince), 2020

Petrit Halilaj, Alvaro Urbano, 7th of April 2020 (Quince), 2020, Stainless steel, canvas, acrylic paint, thread, ø 340 cm

The work was exhibited at the 17th Rome Quadriennale curated by Sarah Cosulich and Stefano Collicelli Cagol, along with other three large scale flowers, a collaborative work between artists Alvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj.

A classic symbol of love celebration and care, the flowers are invested of an additional meaning: embodying locations and years, they become a map of a love story. A portrait of the lovers in time and space. The titles of the works represent the exact dates when the flowers have been exchanged: The Lily was part of their marriage proposal bouquet, the Quince flower evokes the seeds planted in their garden during the spread of Covid-19 in Europe, and the Forget me nots seal the day their wedding should have taken place but was then postponed due to the pandemic.