Ryder Morey-Weale (b. 1994, Eindhoven) lives and works in Marseille. He received an MA in Fine Arts from the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse, France in 2019. In 2020 he took part in a residency at Maison Salvan, Labège, France, and in 2019 he partic-ipated in a research program, École Offshore, in Shanghai, China. Previous exhibitions include: Passif Office, group show at 1016, Dingxi Road, Shanghai, China (2020); Hypertime, group show at Former Civil Defence Bunker, 700 Xianxia Road, Shanghai, China (2020); Relocation – a temporary studio, group show at Shanghai Marie’s Painting Factory, 3300 West Yan’An Road, Shanghai, China (2019); LFJDEULFIHXZUKFTIKGGRREHMD, curated by Liza Maignan, Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse (2019), Residency organised by Fræme, Triangle France-Astérides & La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, France, April – July 2021.

Visit the artist’s exhibition at BUNGALOW here 

Website: www.rydermoreyweale.com
Instagram: @gisellllllllllllllle,  @gisellesbooks