Edition: Petrit Halilaj, Poisoned by men in need of some love

80 color photographic reproductions of photographs found in the archive of the ex-Natural History Museum of Kosovo.

This edition accompanies the catalogue produced on occasion of Petrit Halilaj’s solo exhibition at WIELS Contemporary Art Center in Brussels, and depicts old archival images from the ex-Natural History Museum of Kosovo, a museum which was cancelled and dismounted right after the war in Kosovo to give space to an ethnological Museum of Albanian Culture.
All the animals and objects in the museum were stored inside a cellar until the artist got the permission to open the doors and check their conditions, which appeared to be extremely devastating.
These images, together with others also found in the Museum´s archive, are the only testimony of the original status of the animals while in the Museum.

Poisoned by men in need of some love (Special Edition), 2013
photographs mounted on cardboard, 10 x 15 cm each, signed
Ed. 1 + 1 AP (plus one full set)
each edition consist of one single photo from the series of 80, with the catalogue.
Price: 240,00 €

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