Record: My Head is a Box, published by Kunsthalle Basel

Vanessa Safavi, My Head is a Box, 12″ Vinyl

Publisher: Kunsthalle Basel, 2014
Sound Design: Andi Thoma
Graphic Design: Emmanuel Crivelli
Edition of 50
Price: 60,00 €

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Edition record of the sound piece part of the installation My Head is a Box, presented at the exhibition “One Torino”, Castello di Rivoli, 2013-2014.

My Head is a Box is a sculptural sound installation composed of twelve ancient-looking ceramic jars. Each jar contains a speaker playing a soundtrack of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) YouTube sounds, selected, compiled and edited by the artist. ASMR are familiar sounds, which are characterized byauditory sensations more commonly and crudely known as “brain orgasms”.

As an attempt to create an archetype for these two antagonistic sources the artist has composed basic sounds and layered these with the ASMR. With an elementary methodology and by using empty bottles and sand(two elements originally contained in jars), the artist mixes historical and artificial anecdotes. In combining different temporal and material sources she creates a collage which questions the aesthetic of the fake and the authentic.

My Head is a Box proposes a poetic analogy to look at history and evolution through the culture of digital information.

Listen to the tracks here: