Artist’s Magazine: Subway #4

Subway magazine #4
Erik van der Weijde (red.)

Subway Magazine is an artist’s magazine by Erik van der Weijde & 4478zine.
Most of its content comes from eBay and Wikipedia, but also features works by contemporary artists. The magazine focuses on a fresh mix of art, photography, poetry, facts and fun.
Subway is a five-minute-fun ride, published four times a year from now on!

This fourth issue features works by Jochen Lempert, Rafaël Rozendaal and Go Itami, but also the story of the AK-47, Tourism in Florida, Bananas plus quotes from Jerry Saltz and Jerry Seinfeld and more…

Spring/Summer 2015
17x24cm / 32 pages / Muncken Print Cream 115
Offset printed in the EU

€ 6,00

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