Catalogue: Drinnen & Draussen, published by Chert & Motto Books

“Drinnen & Draussen”, a group exhibition with Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Lucy Coggle, Jérémie Gindre, Petrit Halilaj, Karin Hueber, Hannah James, Heike Kabisch, Valerie Krause, Roseline Rannoch, Heiko Räpple, Vanessa Safavi, Carla Scott Fullerton, John Spiteri, Philippe van Wolputte. 26 June – 26 August, 2010 Chert / Motto

The show invited 14 artists from various countries including Germany, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico and Kosovo. The different works were situated both inside the gallery space and outside of it, using part of the courtyard where Chert and Motto are located. In this way, the attention was moving between the ideas of precariousness and delicacy, creating a different approach to the public in respect of the artwork, focusing on the differences between a traditional gallery context and an extemporaneous placement.

With texts by Katharina Jörder, Dagmar Heppner, Olga Lewicka, Michele Robecchi, Anke Volkmer.
Design: Sam de Groot
Printed by Nina Reisinger
Published by Chert & Motto, July 2010.

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