Marina González Guerreiro (b. 1992, A Guarda) lives and works in Valencia. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Universidad de Salamanca. Through sculpture, installation, moving image, painting and drawing, her practice tries to condense time and rebuild a possible happiness. Her creative process often starts with the accumulation of found materials, and objects of varied origins coexist and slowly become precious and precarious assemblages, exploring the tension between order and disorder, control and chance. Recent solo exhibitions include: Una promesa, Rosa Santos Gallery, Valencia (2020/21); LMXJVSD, Pols, Valencia (2020); Work Hard, Dream Big, Internet Moon Gallery (2018); Luchar, creer, Adora Calvo Gallery, Salamanca (2018). Group exhibitions include: I fantasize a springtime and cry, La Casa Encencida, Madrid (2020); Lifting Belly, CentroCentro, Madrid (2020); En amores inflamada, Pols, Valencia (2019); Una imagen que no duela ni cueste mirar, Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid (2019); Un gesto que permanece, Salón, Madrid (2019); PAM!PAM!17, IVAM, Valencia (2017).


Una promesa
Galería Rosa Santos, Madrid
27th November 2020 – 19th February 2021

Suerte, 2020
Un gesto que permanece.
Salón. Madrid, Febrero 2020.

Photos by Alvaro Chior

 Una imagen que no cueste ni duela mirar
Sala de arte Joven de la comunidad de Madrid

Commissioned by Anne Françoise Raskin and Víctor Aguado Machuca.

Photos taken by Mirari Mecha and Marina González