Lorenza Longhi’s works imply the reproduction of specific objects or visual elements from furniture pieces to elements taken from advertisements and communication strategies. 

The artist chooses elements which act as a statement that refer to, and serve as, power structures. This is obtained through re-production with crafty techniques and methods, using non traditional yet highly specific materials and labours. 

The practice is in a way an objectified performance and reenactment of certain kinds of economies that stand behind specific facades. All the elements taken in account are recombined together, the references are sometimes very present other times smoothed down and dispersed in order to augment their sneakiness: certain times they speak to niches, others they impose their truism. Her objects and paintings react to the immediacy of power through their hoarding tendencies and a somehow ironic perishable minimal perfection, making of the moment something of permanence. 

Visit the artist’s exhibition at BUNGALOW here
Website: www.lorenzalonghi.biz
Gallery: www.fanta-mln.it

Visual Hell 
New Location, Fanta-MLN, Milan, I
2nd October – 20th November, 2019