Art Berlin
Booth 2D3
12th – 15th September 2019

For Art Berlin 2019, ChertLüdde proposed a solo presentation by David Horvitz (b. 1982, Los Angeles, USA).

David Horvitz’s practice revolves around notions regarding the individual and art’s relationship to time, distance and place. He engages in performative actions that reveal the miraculous potential of poetic intention.

all the time that will come after this moment, 2019, is a neon text shaped in Horvitz’s handwriting. The two-part text reads, “all the time that came before this moment, all the time that will come after this moment”. Characteristic of his practice, the work endeavours to separate a moment in time from the rest, raising questions about the particular qualities of a moment, its connection to the larger whole, and our perceptions of its very existence.

a map of … from a thursday, 2018, is part of a series of hand-blown glass vases filled with flowers, each vase named after a day in the week and providing an insight into the story of their contents. From garden to flower shop to vase: each vessel is an embodiment of a map of paths taken in the course of a day.

For Kiyoko, 2017, was originally commissioned for a Public Art Fund exhibition in 2017 and displayed across New York City on digital advertising screens. For Kiyoko is a photograph of the night sky taken at the site of the Amache Internment Camp, where Horvitz’s grandmother was sent during the Second World War.

David Horvitz, “For Kiyoko”, 2017, Photograph, texts Ink Jet on paper and mounted on aluminium: 18 × 27 cm. The work is accompanied by following text: “I made you a photograph. Of the stars seen from eastern Colorado one night last October. From the site of Amache, the Japanese Internment Camp. I imagine my grandmother looking at them from this same spot, some 75 years ago.”


All Photos: Andrea Rossetti