Art Basel Statements
Booth 4 – Hall 2.1
12th – 16th June 2019

Ever Since Night Falls is an installation presented by Alvaro Urbano for Art Basel Statements 2019.

The project looks at the adventures and misadventures of lost artworks throughout history: records of bad luck, disappearance or deliberation. The presentation is an immersive installation of 29 sculptures staged as characters in Urbano’s fiction of artworks come back from the archives of the lost and destroyed.

A curtain hangs behind the sculptures, a representation of the finality of time and the stubborn opacity that loss embodies. Yet Urbano’s curtain is a mobile one (with eyeholes) that moves foreward with each day that passes of the exhibition to gradually cover the exhibited works, referring to the ability and function of memory to bring back what was lost, although it may return as something entirely different from the original.

A publication was printed alongside the installation, titled Ever Since Night Falls, published by ChertLüdde in 2019. 

All Photos: Andrea Rossetti