Art Basel Parcours: Rodrigo Hernández
Art Basel 2021
21 – 26 September 2021
in collaboration with Galeria Madragoa, Lisbon and P420, Bologna

Nothing is Solid. Nothing can be held in my hand for long is an installation made of a series of hand-hammered brass panels that portray gestures of intimacy, first presented at Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev, Ukraine for Future Generation Art Prize 2019, and further developed throughout the years.

The fleeting scenes depict images of warmth: a hand, a hug, a touch, a body that seeks these small acts of affection are central elements of the installation’s immersive experience. Using traditional techniques, the artist built a contrast between the solidity of the brass sheets and the tenderness of the moments that are inscribed on them. The spectator is then invited to follow the narration that unfolds from the bas-relief scenes that punctuate the space. Like a caressing hand draws an invisible path, the panels suggest a narration to be imagined.

The installation will be visible from 20 to 26 September, day and night, in Theaterstrasse, Basel, Switzerland.

Photos by Andrea Rossetti.