Art Basel 2023
Booth N7
13 – 18 June 2023

For the 2023 edition of Art Basel, ChertLüdde returns with several well-known artistic positions.

Crawling and scaling the walls of the booth are sculptures such as Petrit Halilaj’s tapestry moth and Álvaro Urbano’s fungal replicas. Together with Kasia Fudakowski’s plexiglass shrimp carcasses, they create a bizarre juxtaposition through their poetic reflection on the natural and animal world.

Animals return into the unconscious and dream realm through the figurative oil paintings of Rodrigo Hernández and Patrizio di Massimo. Exuding an uncanny beauty, their presence settles into the space and surrounds the other paintings, sculptures, and works on paper.

To challenge these artworks, historical positions like that of German artist Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and the late artists Rosemary Mayer and Clemen Parrocchetti confront form and representation. Their research, oscillating between aesthetic and political embodiment, becomes a symbolic mix that reflects the artists’ feminist politics.

Photos by Andrea Rossetti