Wide Open
Soul Pictures – Soul Space

Curated by Stefanie Heckmann
Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin
3rd June – 12th October 2020

Art and spirituality have much in common. Traditionally, artists are thought to have an exceptionally sensitive gift of perception. Even today, they address major philosophical, psychological or spiritual issues in their work. They explore inner worlds and experiment with experiences that test the boundaries of the self. Art is often created in a state of concentration or contemplation that can be compared to meditation.

The term “spirituality” derives from the Latin word “spiritus”, meaning soul, breath or spirit. Breath and soul are also implicit in “inspiration”. Neuroscientists believe that spirituality and religion are fundamental human needs. That probably includes art as well. People of different spiritual traditions report that meditating dissolves boundaries. It unleashes a sense of being at one with the cosmos and humanity. Similar experiences are conveyed by the works of the four artists on show here. These works are all in the Berlinische Galerie’s collection and most of them are being displayed in the museum for the first time.

Artists: Johannes Geccelli (Königsberg 1925 ‒ 2011 Jühnsdorf), Göta Tellesch (Duisburg 1932 ‒ 2013 Berlin), Eberhard Havekost (Dresden 1967 ‒ 2019 Berlin) and Zora Mann (*1979 Amersham/United Kingdom).

 Zora Mann, “Wide Open. Soul Pictures – Soul Spaces”, Berlinische Galerie, 2020, All photos: Markus Hawlik