What is the moon?
Curated by Paula Van Den Bosch
Bonnefanten Museum
27 September 2014 – 11 January 2015

The installation ‘What is the moon?’ is the most recent presentation of a cycle of projects reflecting on the writings of the Belgian painter René Magritte. It draws inspiration from some of the paragraphs of “Les mots et les Images” (The words and the images), a text that first appeared in the periodical La Revolution Surrealiste in 1929: “The borders of objects in reality touch each other as if forming a mosaic”.

Along with the installation, a publication was released including contributions by artists and writers who were invited to submit a text or image free of any formal provision. These contributions are presented in dialogue with my own drawings, stories, dreams, sketches for sculptures and collected quotes. The thread connecting those different fragments is elusive and asks for a certain playful willingness from the reader.

The result is a composition of words and images that explores concepts such as perception, authorship, message, imagination, ambiguity and representation; close to the ventures of Dada publishing ex periments.

Installation view, ph: Geert Jan van Rooij