There are so many places I haven’t been in my closest surroundings
Galerie Kewenig, Palma de Mallorca
25 March – 1 June 2023

In a universe dominated by color, Tyra Tingleff’s painting exerts an enveloping effect in which discerning a beginning from an end within the work itself is a task as complex as it is alluring.

With a grabbing dynamism, her canvases give off a sensation of movement and vibration. Multiple planes come into view, attracting the eye in search of a place to rest for a few moments, and then return to the path of observation and reflection. Tyra Tingleff works large formats in a physical way, in a kind of dance with color and matter, according to which, after the chromatic choice, she pours the oil paint directly onto the canvas, so that the various organic interactions give rise to intricate forms and surfaces built on layers.

The raw linen margins of the canvas are often left intact. As a reflection of emotional landscapes, Tyra Tingleff’s painting continually struggles with limits and brings us closer to our own questioning of them, in an inner journey through moments of instability and tension.

There is a sense of satirical poetry of everyday life in the titles of her paintings that adds the right point of irony in contrast with the solemnity of the abstract work. Through expressions of personal feelings and sensations, she manages to raise a voice from the textual that connects with the individual emotion of the viewer in a sort of encounter around art and life.

There are so many places I haven’t been in my closest surroundings, can be read as an objective statement reflecting the paradox that is human existence.

Tyra Tingleff lives and works between Oslo and Berlin. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with an MA in Painting in 2013, and from The National Academy of the Arts in Bergen in 2008.

Photos by Bruno Daureo