23 June – 23 July 2022

The exhibition brings together artistic positions that are typical of their generation. Influenced by the promise of a dissolving material world in which desire and reality seem to be in a constant interrelation through the possibilities of the digital, Damaris Kerkhoff, Christoph Kilian, Hedda Schattanik / Roman Szczesny, Agnes Scherer and Arjan Stockhausen have found convincing ways towards an independent artistic language that is characterised by invisible commonalities.

“Agnes Scherer’s seemingly anachronistic vocabulary in drawing, painting, installation and opera/performance has an alienating effect that holds up a mirror to us. By claiming that her figures and constellations of figures can embody more than being, for example, momentary images through photographs or videos, she redeems an old pictorial claim. This is characterised by a pictorial embodiment of language and essence according to the question: What is typical, how can a character trait, a behaviour or a certain person be represented? Is a figure a person at all or is it the representation of a (power) concept?”

From Eva Birkenstock’s text on Agnes Scherer’s exhibition The Notebook Simulations at the Kunstverein Düsseldorf