Specchio d’Acqua
Curated by Maria Campitelli
Ponte Rosso Channel, Trieste
27 July 2006

Franco Mazzucchelli was the first in Italy and in the world to use plastic materials to build air sculptures, transparent and habitable. That is, the negation of what has always been sculpture, made of heavy and impenetrable materials, a full body opposed to emptiness. In the 70’s its structures invaded the public spaces (such as that in 1975 of Parco Sempione in Milan, called “Re-appropriation”) for the wonder of visitors who could enter into the belly of these new plastic/architectural spaces, or float, arousing as much wonder, on the seas, in the lakes. A group of these airy non/sculptures, swelling, taking shape a little at a time, transform the Ponterosso Canal.

Franco Mazzucchelli, public intervention, 2006, curated by Maria Campitelli;  10 inflatable polyethylene and PVC structures, air, dimension variable; Ponte Rosso, Trieste, Italy; Courtesy the Artist and ChertLüdde, Berlin