(Group Exhibition)
Curated by Michela Arfiero, Paola Gallio and Daniela Lotta
Lambretto Art Project, Milan
18 September – 20 October 2009

LAP_Lambretto Art Project in Lambrate, Milan

The LAP – Lambretto Art Project – Observatory of contemporary hosts the collective exhibition Spacioux curated by Michele Arfiero, Paul Galli, Daniela Lotta. Spacioux is an invention, an alteration between the Italian word space and the English spacious. Eighteen artists from different generations and origins probe the relationship between man and space trying to investigate all possible influences. Spacioux aims, through different paths and languages, to compose a detailed analysis of possible space’s alterations – from the tangible to immaterial, from the private to the social dimension, from the relationship with architecture and design history to the observation in the society of the contemporary neuroses – here conceived not only as an element in which to move and exist, but also as a sensitive place generated by the interaction of art with users. The exhibition, a selection of works, through many different ways, tell about all possibility to cross, alter or transform a space: Davide Cascio, David Casini, Simone Cesarini, Anna Galtarossa, Wynne Greenwood, Ann Veronica Janssens, Fawn Krieger, Gabriel Kuri, Stefano Mandracchia, Cady Noland, Susan Philipsz, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Michael Sailstorfer, Troels Sandegård and projects developed in situ Carla Scott Fullerton, Hannah James, Andrew Hall and Luca Trevisani.

Installation view Carla Scott Fullerton
Installation view Carla Scott Fullerton
Installation view Hannah James
Installation view Hannah James