Skalitzer 68
21 July – 25 August 2012

! Saturdays only !

“Skalitzer. 68” invites artists, editors, performers for a series of lectures, presentations, and short exhibitions: part of the program will in fact remain visible in the gallery space. From 18 until 24 of August, Chert hosts Judith Raum’s exhibition “Disponible Teile”, for more details please see below.
On August 25th the outdoor exhibition “Utopias are for Birds” of Alvaro Urbano will open; the show will remain in the courtyard until weather conditions will allow it. For more information on this project please see the exhibitions page on the website.

“Skalitzer. 68” full program comprises different events organized respectively by Chert gallery, Motto Bookshop and Silberkuppe.


21st July

Margaret Harrison – talk and screening, starts at 7 pm
Convolution Journal/Petunia Magazine – talk and screening, starts at 8.30 pm

For their joint presentation at Motto Berlin, Convolution, Journal for Critical Experiment and Petunia, developed a talk-screening performance.
The two magazines share a questioning about the status and ways of criticism, experimenting with new ways of communication through their magazines: in Petunia, there are no chapters or sections, but diverse textual forms, from theoretical texts to diary entries to pure fiction or comics, mostly concerning contemporary art.
Convolution journal seeks to promote a proliferation of the forms available for cultural critique, taken in the broadest sense. It ventures to publish short, experimental work that challenges prevailing divisions between creative writing and criticism, poetry and prose, image and text. Convolution brings together a shifting collectivity of scholars, artists, poets, musicians and critics to explore the fragmentary, the interdisciplinary, the visual, the unpublishable, and the miscellaneous.
Conversation about critical form will include readings by Convolution contributors Michael Baers and Christian Hawkey.
Their presentation ends with the screening of “Born in Flames” – starting at 10.00 pm
A 1983 documentary-style feminist science fiction film by Lizzie Borden that explores racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States Socialist Democracy.
Through the life of two different feminist groups of New York City, the film becomes a manifesto for direct activism, showing different points of view and discussions about it, culminating in the message that the action should inevitably come from the oppressed. 80 minutes, English.

28th July:

YEAR – Magazine launch & performance by Karl Larsson, starts at 7.00 pm.

This second YEAR is still an almanac, a choral book revealing behind the stage. Seasons are information. Hey, look at what has been done, should be or will be or never be. This issue is like talking with images. You can connect one page to another. Text can be spare, descriptive or exhaustingly disruptive. What have you done means what it will be. We asked people about what’s in their mind from the past or for the future and that creates an all present. Last time, we talked about no future, now we are no present. YEAR is still a chain reaction, organizing its content in the form of sequences. YEAR is still an experimental constellation.
The time of manifestos and propaganda is back! From the everyday or larger issues of sociability and historicity. It takes the shape of a collage of disparate sources in time and place. Advertisement, propaganda and manifestos are the ultimate forms for abstraction and engrained subjectivity like space from outer space. Porn and insults, unreal kind of novellas, advertisement as public space, again, opposed to archives, distinction opposed to evaluation, again, narrative to order, cool to distance, taste to energy, again, beauty to sense, sense to idea, idea to experience, experience to life and life to style and style to knowledge and knowledge to power and power to all perversive shit. Still.
As an author use your imagination to be radical, literal and obscene!
As a reader use your intellect and senses to be radical, metaphorical and obscene!

4th August:

Camera Austria – Magazine presentation, drinks and BBQ
Natalie Czech – Book launch, presentation and Q&A
Starts at 7.00 pm.

The theme of Camera Austria’s new issue (#118) is “Photography_Text”, which ensues from the observation that contemporary photographic artists are increasingly associating text and image mediums; a practice at the base of German artist Natalie Czech.
At Skalitzer 68 the magazine and the artist will plan a joint presentation, following the intense collaboration they had in the creation of this issue, where author Jens Asthoff discovers how Natalie Czech, through her photographs, investigates language as a space of contingency, probes boundaries of meaning, experiments with word-image relations, and encourages stratifications of intertextuality to intersect with and permeate one another. In his literary contribution, Barry Schwabsky poses exploratory questions about Czech’s work: “Is it possible to see her work as one enormous love letter: a billet-doux to poetry?” and notes that the last thing lovers want to give up is the possibility of gazing at the beloved: “Photographing poetry means gazing at it.”
In the same occasion, Natalie Czech´s recently published monography “Je n’ai rien à dire. Seulement à montrer. / Ich habe nichts zu sagen. Nur zu zeigen. / I have nothing to say. Only to show” (Spector Books, 2012) will be officially presented and open to discussion with the artist.

11th August:


MATERIAL is a journal of writing by visual artists, a platform for divergent opinions, uses, and appropriations of language. Published in Los Angeles, and co-edited by artists Kim Schoen and Ginny Cook, Issue 3 features artists Farrah Karapetian, Paul Zelevansky, Renee Petropolous, Nate Harrison, James Welling, Natalie Häusler, Harold Abramowitz, Shana Lutker, Stephanie Taylor, Alice Könitz, Frank Chang, and Emily Mast’s English translation of Édouard Levé’s Œuvres. At the Motto launch, Stephanie Taylor and Alice Könitz will give a live, costumed performance of their piece from Issue 3: A Leash for Fritz and Kale for Stray Bunny. The evening will also feature a special guest performance by artist David Raymond Conroy. Natalie Häusler will present the new installation For Ann (rising) in the showcases, which will remain on display for the occasion.

18th August:

Paul Haworth’s “Mr Harris / Had a stick”, in the bookshop
Judith Raum, “Disponible Teile” – Lecture performance in English language, 45 min. Starts at 7.00 pm

for complete press text and images please refer to the exhibition’s page on this website (scroll down or check exhibitions archive)

In a lecture performance “Harmless entrepreneurs” (2011), Judith Raum will put up an installation based on German efforts in Ottoman agriculture and infrastructure at the beginning of the 20th century.
Through images, texts and sculptural actions, Raum’s intervention at Chert reflects moments of improvisation and makeshift solutions within the construction of the Baghdad Railway, a continental route of transport, which was financed by Deutsche Bank during the early 20th century and was supposed to make the resources and markets of Anatolia accessible for a variety of German businesses.
The provisional structures and archival material put up during the performance will remain installed at gallery Chert until August 24th.

25th August:

Jérémie Gindre, “Ric Rac & Sandwichsm” – an illustraded reading of two publications by the artist, starts at 7.00 pm
Alvaro Urbano, “Utopias are for Birds”, outdoor exhibition.

for complete press text and images please refer to the exhibition’s page on this website

Jérémie Gindre presents an illustrated reading of two of his last publications: “Ric Rac” – a comic book adaptation of artworks about floods, landslides and swamps – and “Sandwichsm”, an encyclopedic road trip that follows the tracks of whale watching, minimalism drawing, rock moving and lobster eating.
Multi-lingual compatible! (reading in French with German and English subtitles, plus many illustrations)

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