Curated by Leonardo Bigazzi
Performance Festival
Runik, Kosovo
7 July 2018

SHKREPËTIMA is a performance created and directed by the artists Petrit Halilaj involving over 30 actors and musicians. The event, which took place in front of the ruins of the House of Culture in Runik (Skenderaj), represents Halilaj’s first major intervention in a public space. The stage was animated by moving sculptures, sounds, lights and an exceptional scenography created by Halilaj from the ruins of the building and inspired by the collective memory of Runik citizens. SHKREPËTIMA brings back fragments from some of the most prominent Albanian plays that were performed in the theater of this building in the 80s.

Former House of Culture in Runik (before the intervention, February 2018). Photograph by Mrinë Godanca.
Former House of Culture in Runik (after the intervention, July 2018). Photograph by Studio Petrit Halilaj.
Petrit Halilaj, “Shkrepëtima”, 2018. Photograph by Jetmir Idriz.
Petrit Halilaj, “Shkrepëtima”, 2018. Photographs by Majilinda Hoxha.

Petrit Halilaj drawing in his studio in Runik, July 2018. Photograph by Majlinda Hoxha.