The Shakiest Of Things
Curated by Zane Onckule
24 March – 7 May 2017

The title of the exhibition comes from one of Robert Walser’s Microscripts, a highly idiosyncratic and reduced form of writing he developed parallel to his more known literary work. Walter Benjamin regarded two special traits in them: a complete insignificance of content and a neglect of style. I have been gathering a collection of anonymous drawings posted online, many of them made by children and teenagers. This collection is the basis of a series of pieces made on site at Kim? with materials I have used in previous occasions and manipulated through different processes. I want to use this modest archive of drawings in the same way I employ my personal repertoire of themes and materials: approaching and transforming them without a sense of possession or of specific message. For the installation at Kim? I used the space as a studio to produce and let dry the pieces, and I invited a group of kids to finish them. They also decided the hanging and the installation team interpreted these instructions as clo se as possible.

 Rodrigo Hernández