Sebastiano Blu
Thomaskerk, Amsterdam
24 November 2018

A beautiful young man’s insatiable need for attention and obsessive thoughts and fears about women lead him down a tormented and fatal path.

Giogetto is handsome. He is the DJ. He still lives with his parents in his childhood bedroom and smells of soap, the smell of his loving mother. His powerful father is master of ceremony of the biggest party of the year, dedicated to San Sebastiano, Patron Saint of the village. Giorgetto’s earliest memories: as a crying baby, offered by his father to the Saint, and overhearing his mother and his aunt whispering: “poor Giorgetto, he may be sterile…”

Pauline Curnier Jardin, Sebastiano Blu, 2018; Views of the performance at Thomaskerk, Amsterdam; Performance, 40 min; Courtesy of the artist