Scars of Our Revolution
(Group Exhibition)
Yvon Lambert, Paris
5 June – 24 July 2014

Yvon Lambert is pleased to announce the exhibition Scars of our Revolution, which will be held in the section On Paper from June 6th to July 24th.

In this exhibition 5 artists, David Horvitz, Florence Jung, Sean Raspet , Brad Troemel and Andrew Norman Wilson will explore the contemporary construction of our subconscious.

The digital revolution has forced the individual to create its own new symbolic dimension. The overwhelming media, and even more their virtualisation, have utterly changed our perception of the world and have redefined our experience of others and ourselves.
The different artists trace, almost topographically, the overflow of our current languages. In this subliminal analysis, they invite us to reconsider our comprehension of the invisible and imagination in an over-virtualized world.
Scars of our Revolution highlights the essential absence facing an unbounded communication. The artworks, not confined within the space-time of the exhibition – thus of representation – become pure presence. Draining out their elementary form, they expose the viewer to the very concept of disappearance.

´Watercolors Lost in Airports´, 2014 Ongoing series. Watercolors lost while going through the security screening.
´I will think about you for one minute´, Ongoing project, unlimited edition. The artist will think about you for one minute for 1 euro. Instructions in English and French. 2 sheets of A5 paper: 21 x 14.8 cm