Role Models
An evolving group exhibition with performances each saturday in July
6 July – 27 July 2013

Role Models is the result of a collaboration between David Polzin and Kasia Fudakowski, who in turn invited four further artists to make performances in the spaces they create

Christophe de Rohan Chabot ( France, 1986), will be the first artist to grace the space on the 6th of July, with his intimate and contemplative style. “Something about, posters found in the street, Art, community, Berliner Dome, Turkish neighbourhood and GG Allin…But, you had better not to come, since it doesn’t seem interesting.”

“I’m not here to give a performance, I’m here to teach you a lesson!” On July 13th, Martin Skauen (Norway, 1975) will present Slideshow Johnny. ‘Slideshow Johnny’ is a portrait of an experimental outsider artist, dedicated to the bone, and highly influenced by personal issues.’ (Laura Bartlett, 2012).

The following week, Suchan Kinoshita (Japan, 1960) and Inga Krüger (Deutschland, 1988) will enact ‘Zu zweit – zu Tisch’, a live transmission with a table, storage, several shelves, two players, a stranger, a helper and a projection.

Finally, Paul Haworth, author, rapper and poet (UK, 1982) will present ‘Karaoke’ a smoky variety pack of poems, videos and drama. Haworth tells the truth, the whole glorious truth.

July 6. Christophe de Rohan Chabot
July 13. Martin Skauen
July 20. Suchan Kinoshita with Inga Krüger
July 27. Paul Haworth