Robert Rehfeldt
Denken Sie jetzt bitte nicht an mich (Please do not think of me now)
17 September – 30 October 2021

The gallery is honored to present an exhibition dedicated to the remarkable works of Robert Rehfeldt, titled Denken Sie jetzt bitte nicht an mich (Please do not think of me now)

The exhibition brings to the public an overview of paintings from the last years of the German artist, whose premature death in 1993 culminated his artistic venture as a prolific painter and engaged pioneer of the Mail Art movement. 

Realized in collaboration with his family (artists Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and René Rehfeldt), the exhibition displays a series of paintings dating from the late eighties and early nineties, together with a selection of original etchings and materials related to his Mail Art activities, in particular a selection of postcards by friends and colleagues of Rehfeldt, sent directly to Warsaw on the occasion of his exhibition with Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt at Galeria Teatru Studio in 1975. 

A critical text written by Constanze Fritzsch gives a historic introduction to this significant and largely overlooked artist from the former GDR.



Part of the exhibition will also unfold online, with a series of curated presentations that shed more light on his printing activity, his interest in video and performance, and his Mail Art production.

You can access the online exhibitions at these links:

KUNSTPOSTBRIEFE, exploring the ties between Robert Rehfedlt’s drawings practice and his fascination with print-making.

Kunst im Kontakt and Leben mit der Kunst, two collections of different videos by or about the artist, presenting a unique testimony of his life and the artistic community around him, originally collected and rendered available by Verlag Lutz Wohlrab Berlin

Robert Rehfeldt was born January 5, 1931 in Stargard (Pomerania). After moving to Berlin in 1946 he worked as a designer and illustrator for the press media. At the beginning of the 1970s, he came into contact with the international Mail Art scene and soon succeeded in building an extensive network of contacts worldwide. Despite being widely known for his Mail Art activities, Rehfeldt was an incredibly eclectic and active painter, exemplified by the varied and singular work that remains today.

Access here the Mail Art selection, 1975, from Robert Rehfeldt

Download the Full Exhibition Dossier HERE