pots purr
Rhubaba, Edinburgh
22 – 30 January 2011

Rhubaba and Chert are delighted to present pots purr a new body of work, separated in two locations, by artist Hannah James. Part I will be exhibited in the Rhubaba Project Space, Edinburgh with Part II following in Chert Gallery, Berlin.

Both galleries exhibited new works produced by the artist in relation to their specific site and context. The obstacle of distance and dislocation of site are consistent with James’ interest in unknown locations within her work, unfamiliar and unidentified to the audience. Constructed space is used by the artist within pots purr as a way of raising these concerns.

Analogue film, such as 35mm slide photography and 16mm film, use James’ sculptural works as their muses, reproducing and representing these structures as projected or printed image. Through this, a sculptural dialogue is enabled between works; a textural and visceral language formed.

pots purr is concerned with the experience of an artwork, wanting to describe the practice of actively engaging with an object.

To accompany the exhibition, Rhubaba and Chert produced a small publication, available at both sites.

Project kindly supported by Hope Scott Trust

‘Wall print #1 pots purr’, 2011. Block paint on wall.
‘Wall print #1 pots purr’, 2011. Block paint on wall.
‘pots purr’, 2011. 35mm stationary slide projection.
Installation view.
Installation view.

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