Curated by Jacob Fabricius
Antechamber, North Galleries, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
1 – 28 February 2013

POST is an exhibition series for which the invited artists send the works and materials by post. The staff at Kunsthal Charlottenborg is responsible for installing the exhibition following the artist’s enclosed instructions. The exhibition series started 1 February 2013

David Horvitz (born 1972) works in a variety of media, from watercolours and photography to performance and he is particularly known for his instructional projects, of which several take place on the Internet. His recurring interests include attention to strategies of information circulation and the impermanence o f digital artifacts. David Horvitz holds an MFA from Bard College (2010), has published several books and has exhibited internationally in significant galleries and museums, including the Art Metropole (Toronto), Tate Modern (London) and the New Museum (New York).

For POST David Horvitz created a one month long correspondance of letters, postcards and objects with instructions activating the exhibition, the staff of Charlottenborg and the visitors.

‘not titled yet’, 2013. Different materials, instruction for pieces and pieces sent by post, February 2013. 21 x 30 cm
Installation view
‘Post’, 2013. Instructions. Dimensions variable
‘Post’, 2013. Instructions. Dimensions variable
Installation view
Installation view
Installation view

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