Between Points
A project conceived by The Performance Agency and Supportico Lopez in collaboration with Archivio Conz
22 – 29 September 2018

Between Points is a project presented by Archivio Conz and Supportico Lopez in collaboration with The Performance Agency. The project features the exhibition of Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks at the Archivio, located on a boat floating in water, which allowed passengers to sail around the city of Berlin through its canals. The trip was supplemented by performance pieces by contemporary artists Ed Atkins, Juliette Blightman, Stephanie Comilang, Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano, Jessie Holmes, Tarren Johnson, Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a Robert Luxemburg, Xavier Mazzarol, Reto Pulfer and Günter Schickert, set along the river bed. The starting point for the exhibition and the performative engagements along the river is the journal Between Two Points/Fra DuePoli by Hendricks, who worked closely with Conz for more than three decades, and which documents Hendricks’ journeys. Between Points, with its journey on the water, aims to celebrate the fleeting, and the action of looking up, towards the overlooked.