Curated by José Esparza Chong Cuy
Museo Tamayo, Mexico City
23 November 2023 – 7 April 2024

Through drawing, sculptures, costumes, and installations, Petrit Halilaj’s (b. 1986) migratory creatures gather around a scaled floating structure of the house he and his family built in the country’s capital of Pristina after their old home in Runik was destroyed during the bombings of the Kosovo War. As part of the exhibition, Halilaj has also inscribed a large scale chicken—a bird famously known as one of the few unable to fly—onto a Boeing 737 aircraft operated by Aeroméxico. Both the architectural rendition of his family home and the airplane serve as vessels for Halilaj’s memories of belonging and dreams of migration.

Petrit Halilaj: RUNIK is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Latin America, showcasing how art has not only been his vehicle to travel and learn about the world, but also a medium through which he can explore and express complicated emotions about the history of his homeland and his identity. Now living in Berlin but with strong roots in Kosovo and close ties to several places around the world, Halilaj’s understanding of home is anchored in bonds of affection.

Photos by Gerardo Landa and Eduardo López (GLR Estudio)