No Feeling is Final
Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
11 August – 11 September 2022

In the exhibition No Feeling is Final, Tyra Tingleff presents a series of new, large format paintings. Hung leaning out from the walls, these towering works have a physical, almost bodily presence in the space.

More or less tangible forms and lines disperse out over the raw canvases. Meandering, layer upon layer, built up of colour pigments and oil, heavily diluted in turpentine. The many courses twist and turn with and within each other, away and toward each other in movements oscillating between friction and harmony, creating a gradually expanding universe without beginning or end.

With a passionate connection to colour, Tingleff explores emotional approaches to painting with oils through non-figurative painting. The characteristic titles of the works can be read as poetic fragments or witty quips. They offer a small glimpse into the artist’s thoughts and feelings whilst also emboldening an ever-present ambiguity in Tingleff’s work. This reflects the artist’s distinctive approach to the historical framework of abstract painting.

Photos by Christian Tunge