Niels Trannois
Les stances à arc-Fins a.c. Chino space.
Opening reception: January 9th, 2010
Until 06.02.10

– those suspended hours where things are about to settle where other future are fomented
– a poetic of the slides between what we actually see and its own materiality
– the feeling of being happily lost or even vulnerable
– a never-ending wander between the wonder-room and the peep-show
– what seems to be a blank frame could be in fact the uncanny of an earl Grey infusion
– flashes that could last forever
– left-overs
– theft lovers

Niels Trannois

Chert is happy to present a solo show by French artist Niels Trannois.
The exhibition is accompanied by a text/dialogue of the artist with Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea available in the exhibition space.

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