Mantengo la urgencia de reconciliar (Holding the urge to reconcile)
Curated by Juan Felipe Paredes
Juniin, Guayaquil
1 September – 12 November 2022

The sense of orientation is the most cruel lie language holds. The search for horizon (orient) is impossible under such sight obstructing enviornment, with so many buildings, so much dust, such strong sunlight. That same cruel language confines humans to feel, to sense every bit of information that surrounds them, piercing their body and forcing them to balance on the thin line of curiosity.
Austerity is the one condition: cautiousness. Do not err on the side of boldness.
My own body has defeated me, but i’m holding the urge to reconcile.

Excerpt from the curatorial essay If you look carefully by Juan Felipe Paredes.

Photos by Libbi Ponce