Lost Places: City C Leverkusen
Curated by Andrea Peters
Kunstverein Leverkusen
27 August – 31 October 2021

Heike Kabisch presents two sculptures from her hybrid botanical series, works which can be seen as incomplete beings and carriers of projected thoughts, relating to Bachelard’s description of arboreal entities as figures that“(have their) being in you”.The grotesque, human forms visible in the sculptures recall the recognizable language of Kabisch, who has long been interested in bodily representation within sculpture. Mostly using classic materials such as clay and plaster, she has in the past years explored as well as critiqued this oft-institutionalized practice. Made of unburned clay and real leaves, these works require watering and care for their preservation, yet simultaneously undergo temporary phases of survival intrinsic to their nature. Kabsich engages in the fragility and unpredictability of a public sculpture intervention, as opposed to the presentation of an artwork inside the protected walls of a museum or gallery.

For this exhibition, the works were presented in the windows of  City C Leverkusen, in collaboration with  Kunstverein Leverkusen and BAYER/KULTUR. This how was curated by Andrea Peters and  includes other works by Aljoscha, Boris Becker, Lars Breuer, Julia Bünnagel, Katja Davar, Krzysztof Honowski / Laura Sundermann, Andy Kassier, Gudrun Kemsa, Gereon Krebber, Johanna Reich, Andreas Schmitten, Charlotte Triebus and Frauke Wilken.

Photos by Chris Rausch von Behrendt and Rausch, Wuppertal.