Curated by Andreas Prinzing
Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren
21 May- 8 August 2021

A selection of sculptures from Kasia Fudakowski’s series Continuouslessness, (2017 – ongoing), are presented together with four new works and a series of 9 woodcuts made for the publication The Roll of the Artist, (2021). The selected panels which make up Continuouslessness allude to a variety of different experiences including passive/aggressive encounters, performative dating, questions of citizenship, bureaucratic abuse, waiting, and more recent pandemic related activities. The word ‘continuouslessness’ itself exists as a messy double negative resulting in oppositional concord; its structure is visually awkward, a linguistically clumsy collection of letters – a coalition of chaos reflected in the sculptures themselves. No one panel can stand alone, but must rely on its neighbor for structural support. This neither guarantees harmony nor precludes individuality as each panel may demonstrate a different idea, material or character as long as it is able to connect to the previous panel, be that an awkward joining of hands.

The series will remain unfinished until the artist’s death.

The publication The Roll of the Artist – Volume One, published on the occasion of this exhibition, is an ‘autobiographicatalogue’ which is Fudakowski’s elaborate yet fragmented answer to an ex-boyfriend who asked: “So you call yourself an artist?” In The Roll of The Artist – Volume One the author unfolds herself with personal stories and anecdotes, against a backdrop of the lives and trials of artists who have made a deep impression on her. The book weaves together a wide-ranging and at times awkwardly honest account of the loves and labors of an emerging artist.

The exhibition is part of the Günther-Peill-Stifftung Laureates and Fellows 2018 – 2020/21, with Alice Creischer, Kasia Fudakowski, Pakui Hardware.

Curated by Andreas Prinzing