Judith Raum
Disponible Teile
Opening reception: August 18th, 2012
Until 24.08.12

In a lecture performance “Harmless entrepreneurs” (2011), Judith Raum will put up an installation based on German efforts in Ottoman agriculture and infrastructure at the beginning of the 20th century.
Through image, text and sculptural actions, Raum’s intervention at Chert reflects moments of improvisation and makeshift solutions within the construction of the Baghdad Railway, (a continental route of transport), which was financed by Deutsche Bank during the early 20th century and was supposed to make the resources and markets of Anatolia accessible to a variety of German businesses.
The provisional structures and archival material put up during the performance will remain installed at gallery Chert until August 24th.

Judith Raum was born in 1977, she lives and works in Berlin. Her paintings, performances, installations, writing and teaching investigate qualities of subject-object relationship. Recent exhibitions include “disestablish”, Pavillon, Lucca, “L’Inspecteur des Cultures”, Kunstverein Langenhagen, “Same time Tomorrow”, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, “even running”, The Return, Dublin, and “abstract derive”, Ludlow 38, New York City. Judith Raum is currently a fellow at the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences at the University of Fine Arts Berlin.

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