Carla Scott Fullerton
If these walls had ears
15 September – 31 October 2015

Chert is pleased to present the third solo exhibition of Glasgow based artist Carla Scott Fullerton.

Carla belongs to a generation of Scottish artists strongly attached to a tradition of sculpture and manufacture that incorporates architectural references and touches environmental questions.

Visiting one of her exhibitions often feels like walking around the streets of Glasgow, as many of the city’s decorative elements and fabricated structures have served as inspiration for her work.

Carla was born in 1980 in Scotland to a family with a farming background. Her life, therefore, is split between the city and the countryside with all its tasks, such as breading sheep and working the land.

The roughness of the city and the calm of the countryside are both present in her work, as well as the strong manual labour required by farm work and, on the other hand, the more sedentary / industrialized activities of a vibrant city.

For her latest project in Berlin, titled If these walls had ears, the artist has developed a new series of “Screen Sculpture”, a work she first produced after her residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium, where she had access to old screen-print frames.

The works are in fact the remains of several screen prints: the frame itself with its silk fabric, after having been used for many prints which are thrown away, is then the only remaining part, which gets exhibited. These pieces will be displayed around the gallery space supported by constructions bricks.

Together with those, on show are a series of rebar metal stands, some of them guesting various objects, again referring to architectural materials.

The last project presented in the exhibition is titled Framed Seeds, it comprises a collection of concrete garden pots. This piece connects to a long-term project the artist is currently working on in Glasgow which focuses on the creation of a vegetable garden within the city centre. The project is part of an educational program for adolescents, which aims to use interactive and tactile methods in order to inform them about the importance of sustainability and environmental issues.

Installation view
Framed seeds, 2015 Cement pots, six parts. 20 x 83 x 65 cm
Inked Screen (by-stand), 2015 Silk screens, screen printing ink, 58 x 79 cm
Inked Screen (by-stand), 2015 Silk screens, screen printing ink, 58 x 79 cm


Golden twist, 2015 Rebar, Etched copper, rebar 45 x 96 cm, copper 17 x 23 cm


Clutching copper, 2015 Rebar, etched copper, 58 x 48 cm
Clear bend I, 2015 Rebar, etched plastic, 42 x 82 cm
Clear bend II, 2015 Rebar, etched plastic, 23 x 29 cm
Golden bent & twisted, 2015 Etched copper, stone, 15.5 x 26 cm
Installation view
Installation view
Installation view
Inked screen (pink) 2014, Silk screen, ink, screen 43 x 53 cm, with bricks 132 x 44 cm
Stretched angles I, Stretched angles II Stretched angels III, 2015 silk screen, ink, 65 x 83 cm
Sprouting frame 2015, Cement pot, 33 x 60 cm
Inked screen (sliding green), 2015 Silk screen, ink, screen 109 x 99 cm, with bricks 150 x 99 cm
Inked Screen (pulled pink) 2015, Silk screen and ink, 115 x 109 cm
Inked Screen (pulled pink) 2015, Silk screen and ink, 115 x 109 cm